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We work with many businesses at different stages. We started working with Sarah at Hartbeeps Worcester at the very start of her adventures into business ownership…

I started using Kate and the team right from the start of my business launch. I really wanted to give my new customers a good service right from the start, in all aspects of their experience of Hartbeeps.
I felt confident at doing this through delivering my sessions but felt completely overwhelmed by the booking system and Mailchimp and really felt they needed a professional, experienced touch.
Kate and her team delivered this and more! She set up our booking system so quickly and efficiently, organises these amazing registers and her Mailchimp campaigns are just perfect – written and designed in such a brilliant style!
My classes have increased so much that I’m now taking on a contractor (which I never expected to do within the first year, let along the first 7 months) and introducing her to the register system has made me appreciate all over again how streamlined the whole booking and registration experience is.
Kate has also been a brilliant source of advice and a tower of strength on the personal side of things, having dealt with me in tears on the phone several times! She has saved me from a few sticky situations with some perfectly-worded emails and is always so approachable.
Kate and her team are an invaluable source no matter what stage your business is at and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Thank you!
Sarah x

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