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Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Our small team is supplemented by amazing contractors, many of whom are also parents, fitting in their admin services around children, family and other commitments.

And some are re-enterting the work place under their own terms after a period of absence.

We pride ourselves on providing flexible contracts and working practices for everyone who works with us and building a fantastic team spirit even with a remote workforce.

Here’s what Clare has to say about working with us…

"I absolutely love being part of the Another Mother team.
It has given me the freedom to work the hours that suit me whilst pursuing other interests.
The enthusiasm that Kate and Anna have for the business is second to none and we are all kept informed about every leap they are making and encouraged to give our input too.
Clients are almost queuing up to get on board as word has got around about the amazing service that is provided. I am certain this will not be a small business for much longer."
Clare Beveridge

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