New Year. New Us.

When Kate and I first conceived our baby - and by that I mean our business - like any new parents we had high hopes for our offspring. We hoped that, one day, it would grow into something wonderful.

We've not been disappointed!

As we've put in the hours, lovingly nurturing our little business through the good times and the awful setbacks, the tantrums, the rows, the tears (of joy and sadness), we've wondered at how the tiniest thing can grow and change so much, in such a short time.

Running a business for us has run in sync with raising our families and the parallels are endless!

And as we'd like to think we're making a success of mothering (as much as any mother ever feels like that!) it's much easier to tell if you're making a success of "raising" a business than a child.

Our "baby" is flourishing. We've grown from 1 single client to almost 300 on our books - regular and ad hoc. Our team is strengthening by the day and remain supportive, loyal and an endless source of inspiration.

But our baby isn't really a baby anymore and the time has come to move to the next stage of development. This is why we feel ready to launch our franchise! It's time to take Another Mother onwards not just between ourselves but with the help of wonderful, hand-selected, dedicated, driven and determined people... we just have to find them!

We've spent years agonising over what franchising would look like for us but we've always run Another Mother like a production line for admin: a clockwork customer services machine with precision formulas that deliver results day after day.

We know what we do works. We know we can teach it to other people. And we know that the system is solid enough to provide a real income while working from home, around your family or personal commitments.

A "Mother", like any parent, gets out what she (or he) puts in. Hard work is repaid with hard cash, in this case. You can work any hours you choose - as long as you've agreed with your client - but work you must. Alas over the years we've encountered individuals who seem to want all the benefits of working from home without having to really commit to working!

We're the first to admit that, although it's been rare, we've not always got our recruitment right - so our number one priority in launching our franchise is to get the right people on board! We're on the hunt for self-starters. We want ladies and gentlemen with hard work hardwired into who they are. Those who want to balance work with their personal lives not sacrifice one for the other, in either direction.

We embody these traits ourselves - as do our incredible team - so we know we're not after fairies and unicorns. But we acknowledge that what we need has become rarer in today's society.

Running your own business might seem to give you great power over yourself and your own destiny but as Spiderman's Uncle Ben says "with great power comes great responsibility".

Are you up for the challenge? Check out our franchise page and get in contact!

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