Sister from Another Mister

Kate and Anna-Belle are peas in a pod, sisters from another mister.

From exciting media careers in their pre-baby years, each have gone

on to build on and expand their respective professions… then take a leap into self employment on an almighty tangent.

Kate’s work life took her from presenting on air for national radio, she went on to be head of music but when family life called she switched to corporate sustainability. Not your traditional path to big business success but Kate took it in her stride and was soon heading up a sustainability department for a confectionery giant.

Alongside her desk job she ran her own small business Polly Put the Kettle On, hand-painting mugs, teapots, mirrors and more.

But corporate life lost its appeal after Kate’s second child and she decided to try something new and put her wealth of experience to use in helping other people both with admin – as a side project to her career and small business – and with mentoring women suffering from post natal illnesses.

Anna started out doing admin as a temp after school, discovered a talent for workflows and administrative optimisations but dreamed of fashion! After university she landed a job in print journalism and worked her way through the picture desk, accounting team and onto become the editor’s PA while grafting away at writing.

A stint as a copy writer for big name brands such as Yamaha, Canon, Tommy Hilfiger and Roberto Cavalli lead her back to journalism and eventually to edit the UK’s biggest online women’s magazine.

After the birth of her first child, she quit her dream job and followed another life long passion – for singing and performing – Anna bought her own baby business franchise with Hartbeeps and decided to go it alone!

The skills and lessons each have learned along the way all come together to produce a killer admin team with a deep understanding of running a personal business, franchising and the inner workings of large corporations.

Kate and Anna may run small businesses but they think BIG!

And they both love a good To Do List!

Anna & Kate - co-founders of Another Mother

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