What’s in it for me?

There are many occasions in life where you’ve got to do something you’re not keen on - but can there be a bright side?

This morning I called Kate, my business partner, to discuss a conference one of our clients would like us to attend with them.

When Kate has text me about it this morning, I thought it was probably something I’d known about and forgotten.

As a mum with two businesses and a husband who’s travelling a lot, there are quite a number of things I’m meant to have done and events that fit into this category!

Fortunately this was a new event and up for discussion was what we charge for attending and whether that could be offset by being allowed to promote our services at the event to the attendees. I’d been mulling over if we could spare someone for two days but that’s not how Kate was looking at it.

This is how Kate’s brain works - at 7am while getting her kids ready for school she’s strategising on how to turn a time-draining conference into a potential sales pitch.

It’s such a good thing to cultivate - as a small business, can disruptions to your working week be turned into advantages?

The question to be constantly asking is “what’s in it for me”.

And not in a selfish way but with a view to finding the benefit in any given circumstance:

Is there a lesson to be learned?

Are there opportunities here?

What else could we do with this?

Kate is a constant inspiration to me but this morning she’s given me a new perspective on how to look at everything we do with fresh eyes. ❤️

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