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Our mission is to give you back your time - we want to restore your work life balance and ensure all your customer's needs are met so that your business can flourish.

As with so many things in life the simplest solutions are almost always the most effective and in our case, it's as easy at ABC...

** COSTS **

We're upfront about our costs! We track our time to the minute and only ever charge you for work we've done.

Our rates start at £22 per hour (+ VAT)

Minimum monthly spend is 1hr.

When you join us we'll go through a robust onboarding process so that we can get to the heart of your business and fully understand your industry - though we've worked across many different sectors we always ensure that we are fully immersed in your niche. Our onboard process consists of a series of indepth meetings together either in person or on video conference. We'll get everything sorted so we can hit the ground running. We're on hand for chats and brain dumps, we'll hand hold as much as you need. For this we charge a one-off fee.

One-off joining fee / onboarding


The ABC of Another Mother Ltd


A is for Admin

Free up your time!

Are you drowning in admin? Is that little red dot above your Email App into triple digits? We can take all the time-consuming admin drudge off your hands and free up hours of your time to concentrate on what you do best...

Whether you choose to spend your new found freedom on developing your business, working on your products and sales, or you just head of the hills (or the local!) is entirely up to you.

We are fast, efficient and incredibly organised so our approach to admin will save you time and money.

You choose what tasks you want us to take on and we'll help you prioritise any admin that needs your personal attention so you never get bogged down in the day to day.

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Admin outsourcing and more...

Unlike normal folk, we LOVE admin. We love all of it! The boring, mundane, data-entry, coal-face of admin work, we just love it.

We love customer service, we love newsletters, registers, booking systems, emails, auto-replies and other “cool” admin-y innovations – no-one else thinks they’re cool, but we’re admin geeks so we can’t get enough.

But as anyone who runs a small business knows, Admin is a time-thief. Admin will steal your entire evening without you even noticing. Rob you of your weekend. It’s the reason nothing ever really gets done – it is seemingly ENDLESS!

It’s probably not what you started running your business for. When you set it all up, we bet you didn’t imagine yourself spending hours filling in figures in Excel, answering the exact same email enquiry 20,000,000,000 times or chasing payments from the same customer day after day.

We can take away a lot of the daily drudge - we'll take on most tasks so please just ask if you don't see it here... on this epic list of jobs we regularly do for our clients:

* Emails

* Phone Calls and Texts

* Whats App, Slack, Trello

* Diary Management

* Booking System Implementation

* Booking System Management

* Social Media

* Invoicing

* Bookkeeping

* Payment Chasing

* Registers

* Staff Timesheets

* Delivery Scheduling

* Website Maintenance

* Online Listings

* Review Management

* GDPR Compliance

* Recruitment

* Scheduling

* Project Management

* Advertising and Marketing liaison

* Translations

* Blogs

* Copy Writing