Our Story

Another Mother was created in 2015, out of need and out of love.

On the 20th May, Anna was taking a Skype call, training a new admin assistant to help her out while she took maternity leave with her second child.

The wonderful woman who’d been helping out for the previous months was going back to Australia and so the handover was happening…

All was going smoothly. Except for the fact that Anna was already in labour!

The training was cut short and Anna was rushed to hospital by her friends in the nick of time. 45-mins after waddling through the hospital doors, Jacques was born.

And 2-hours later, the new admin girl… quit.

With her husband away in Ireland, the pre-schooler with her aunt and a tiny newborn in her arms, Anna-Belle had a cry, then got practical!

A quick Facebook status update asking for anyone interested in admin changed the course of two lives!

27 weekly classes in South London were not going to run themselves and while she was in a hospital room in France, with a newborn and a 3-yr old, she wasn’t going to be able to run them either.

As Anna checked emails from her hospital bed, her prayers were answered.

Kate - then just passing acquaintance - sent a PM asking about hours as she was considering not going back to her epic corporate job following her mat leave with her own second baby.

She already knew the business and had experience so incredible it was almost too good to be true. A former head of music at a national radio station and head of sustainability for a global confectionery giant, Kate was craving something to keep her busy while taking care of her baby.

The pair agreed a trial and Another Mother was born!

Using Anna’s systems and innovations, together with Kate’s business sense, awesome customer service and incredible dedication, the pair were able to double the turn-over of Anna-Belle’s business while both taking care of two children.

By 2017, Another Mother were providing admin services for 18 other franchisees, ad hoc admin and business services with more in the pipeline.

By 2019 the team had grown to 13 and the clients to over 60 and Another Mother is still growing... in 2020 we plan to launch our admin partnership/franchise operation to teach our admin expertise to a new generation of "Mothers" and support even more SMEs with their admin needs!

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