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Our Recruitment & HR Services

Welcome to Another Mother Recruitment & Virtual HR Services.


Based in the UK, we're thrilled to introduce our innovative solution designed to transform your hiring journey into a seamless and rewarding experience. Leveraging our award-winning expertise in online business management and working with experienced, CIPD-qualified HR and recruitment specialists, we've crafted a service that gives you the personalised attention that will ensure you find quality candidates who not only meet your requirements but also align with your organisational culture.

You have nothing to pay upfront and we charge just 12% of the annual salary accepted, once your new employee has successfully completed an initial probation period. You've nothing to lose and everything to gain so give us a try.

If you're looking for a permanent recruit, let us help you find the right fit! Call us now:  0115 200 0100 or email

Virtual Recruitment Services You Can Trust

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With Another Mother Recruitment & Virtual HR Services, you can say goodbye to the complexities and challenges of traditional recruiting. Our tailored approach, like having a chat over a comforting cuppa, ensures that every match feels like a perfect fit. Whether you're scaling up, diversifying, or simply seeking fresh talent, our comprehensive suite of services is here to take the hard graft out of recruiting.

Join us on this exciting journey towards smarter, simpler, and swifter recruiting. Because at Another Mother, we believe that finding the perfect candidate shouldn't be a mission – it should be a match made in business heaven. Cheers to your future success!

What virtual recruitment services can do for you:

  • Work with you to create the perfect job description

  • Identify key qualifications and qualities required, develop a full understanding of your needs

  • Work alongside you to create a personalised job advertisement for success within the job market

  • Place recruitment ads across relevant platforms and socials for maximum engagement

  • Provide a buffer between you and your candidates, fielding questions, queries and concerns

  • Manage all applications and filter down to longlist

  • Reply to candidates and ensure brand reputation

  • Conduct first interviews with longlist candidates

  • Present shortlist of candidates and arrange interviews

Our aim is to find you the perfect candidate for your position and provide you with a new employee or contractor who can hit the ground running and become a true asset to your company,

Call us now:  0115 200 0100 or email

Recruitment Fee Structure

Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, we charge just 12% of the candidate's annual salary (+VAT) 


To keep things simple and fair, there's no upfront fee and we charge 1% per week for the first 12 weeks of successful employment (an overall 12% fee), creating a simplistic and fair billing solution!

If things don't work out or you need to repeat your recruitment process, we offer discounts on re-recruitment!

HR Support

Your Another Mother journey doesn't need to end with recruitment! If you need additional support with your Human Resources and people management, we can provide exemplary virtual HR services in which your business will gain a fully comprehensive support package from our CIPD Associate HR Manager. Our support package includes the following support services:

  • Conflict management within the workplace  

  • Conduct disciplinary actions

  • Support with internal hiring and all aspects of the onboarding process

  • Policy management

  • Maintain employee records and support with employee data migration projects

  • Employee and management training

  • Recruitment support such as interviewing and shortlisting candidates

  • Redundancy management and support

  • Grievance support and guidance

Talk to us about what you need to move your HR systems into 2024 and beyond! 

HR support starts from £35 an hour (+VAT) - we work with you to create a package of affordable, reliable support within your business's budget.

Call us now:  0115 200 0100 or email

At Another Mother we offer a full online business management experience allowing you to outsource every time-consuming but necessary aspect of running your business. We can take care of everything you want off your desk and free up your time to work on your business rather than in it. 

If you want growth and success you'll need support and we're here to help you to achieve all that and more. Like any good mother, we're your biggest fan, your rock to lean on and we always know what to do for the best. Your business is our baby. You can rely on us to look it like it's one of our own!

Start today with nothing to pay upfront... 

Need More Support?

If you're ready to take your business to the next level this year, check out our Online Business Management services. It's always the best time to talk to us. You'll only wish you'd called sooner.

Got an adhoc project that's been on your to do list for too long? Get it done now! Our virtual admin team can help with data entry, data cleaning, research and any time-consuming task you want off your desk today! Call us on 0115 200 0100

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