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Do you need an Online Business Manager?

Hiring an online business manager may seem like a daunting prospect but there's no greater boost you can give your business than finding someone to take care of it.

As a business owner your job is to grow and nurture your business, as online business managers, our job is to give you the space and time to achieve this. We take away all the drudge, all the time-consuming but necessary nonsense that goes along with running your own business. All those tedious tasks that creep up on you and build up in your inbox - we manage all that and ensure you have nothing to worry about expect getting on with what you're great at!

Your business will only thrive if you have the head space to move it forward and, with the best will in the world, no-one created a successful enterprise all on their own. An online business manager is there to do all the things you must do but don't necessarily want to do.

As online business managers, we want to see a weight lifted from your shoulders, we want to see your profits increase and we see your success as our success so you can be assured that we'll do everything we can to see you succeed.

Who we work with

At Another Mother we usually work with female business owners in their 30s and 40s, running service-based businesses with a turnover of £60,000+.


We understand the challenges of managing your career with your commitments at home. We relate to the struggles of mothering and managing and we've found that through mutually supportive relationships, magic can happen!

If you're ready to start delegating operations to step into your CEO-self, then we're ready to help!

As a female-led business, we go about business a little differently. We're committed to providing a service that's personal and honest. We want to be your right-hand person, your Girl Friday, your "go-to", because seeing you achieve your goals is the biggest reward.

We take a no-nonsense approach, we use radical candour and we'll tell you what's working and what's not with empathy and sincerity. We present you solutions and rather than problems and look for ways to improve, streamline and automate your operations using the latest tech options. We'll learn your business inside and out and find ways to make everything run smoother and more efficiently.

What can we help you with?

An online business manager can take on any number of business tasks that you'd normally have to do yourself as a business owner. It's the next step up from our virtual admin services because we don't just do what we're told, we actively look for ways that things could be done better.

A good business is one that's always on the look out for ways to improve. If you're not ready to learn, you're not ready for us. We work with people who are in love with the problem they solve and not just their particular solution. Our best work is with open-minded, forward-thinking business owners who are constantly looking for ways to do better.

An Online Business Manager can be used to: 

  • manage your every day operations

  • take on on-going and ad-hoc projects

  • utilising our virtual admin network expertise

  • optimise your processes and procedures

  • systematise your business operations

  • help you create and master your brand 

  • implement automations and new software

  • recommend apps and online management tools

  • manage your budget and finances 

  • manage your bank accounts and cashflow

  • create workable profit and budget management systems

  • liaise with your accountant and other supporting agencies

  • keep you on top of HMRC & Companies House responsibilities

  • ensure your insurance, accreditations, qualifications and registrations are up to date

  • help recruit top talent with our Virtual Recruitment Services

Why work with Another Mother

There are hundreds of so-called Online Business Managers (OBM) out there and choosing one to work with requires you to think not only with your head but also with your heart.

At Another Mother, our OBMs all have between 15 and 25years of business experience working at the highest levels of SMEs, Global Enterprises and Start Ups. We've seen it all. We've left the corporate world to do something more meaningful; working with entrepreneurs and business owners who really want to see their businesses succeed, not just for themselves or for the sake of profits, but for the sake of their families and their clients.

As Online Business Managers we have helped our clients 3X their annual turnover, get into profit for the first time, take dividends for the first time, win industry awards, take on more clients, take on more permanent staff, introduce new services, become accredited by industry bodies and recognised by their peers. Our OBM clients would not be without us and neither should you!

However, (and here's that radical honesty...) you should only choose to work with us if you like us.

A good OBM will fast become like your best friend, your shoulder to cry on, your rock to lean on, your sounding board, your coach and your greatest cheerleader. We're going to work closely together so we need to like each other!

The first step is an online meeting to see if we'd be a good fit to work together. Our initial chat is completely free of charge and you'll lose nothing but between 25 and 45-minutes of your time. Think of it as a business first date... if all goes well, we'll take it from there.

What does an OBM cost

Our rates start at £950 a month (or £60 per hour for adhoc work). We'll work with you to create a package that's affordable, predictable and meets the needs of your business.

How do we get started?

Give us a call on 0115 200 0100 or email

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