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Getting on top of emails! How to restore your work-life balance…

One of the most common reasons you come to us at Another Mother is to restore your work-life balance!

Running your own business can be rewarding in so many ways, but the shine certainly wears off when you spend yet another evening with your laptop on your knees as your other half sighs pointedly from the sofa.

Admin and the day-to-day responsibilities of business management are time stealers! They creep into your every waking thought… did you reply to that email? Did you hear back from that lead? Have you paid that bill? Did that invoice come in… actually… did I even send that invoice??? And on and on and on…

Imagine the things you could do, the things you could get on with, where your business could go, if the all-consuming admin mountain wasn’t always looming.

The worst culprit for time stealing, down the rabbit hole, hour on hour wasting work is… EMAIL! (Que dramatic music… dun, dun, daaaaaaah)

Adobe recently published data that suggested office workers spent at least 4.1 hours checking email every day… 20.5 hours a week, 1,000 hours every year! And that’s one person, doing one job in a company. You are one person doing EVERY job in your company. How many hours do you lose to your email account every day, week, month, year?

Emails rob your time and encroach on your work-life balance! Even on holiday, the insidious ping of the “email received” notification continues… and if you don’t deal with it, who will?

We will!

Now just imagine what you could do with that time back.

At Another Mother one of our key functions is to take on your email account so that we can get back to your clients and customers while you get on with what you’re good at.

We restore your work-life balance by filtering your emails, answering FAQs in a personable and patient way, going back to client queries and ensuring they’ve sent all the relevant information to allow you to quote or deliver, tagging and filing important communications that require your attention, so you don’t have to wade through the endless marketing and nonsense to get to those that will either make you money or cost you money if not actioned.

You can make a start on this yourself. One of the easiest quick fixes to the endless email trail is to ensure you have an Auto-reply (Out of Office) set up – even when you’re in!

The Out-of-Office function can answer your customers' most frequently asked questions and/or provide a form to return so that you have ALL the relevant information to help them with their enquiry.

You can sign post a booking system or your website where they’ll find what they’re looking for.

You can also give them an indication of when you’ll reply and leave them feeling less ignored and more empowered.

The Out of Office is a quick win on your path to restoring your work-life balance.

If you’d like us to help you set up your out of office don’t hesitate to ask. If you want us to take on your customer emails and restore your work-life balance, we’d love to!

Let’s have a chat!

How to get in touch:

Email us on or give us a call on 07966 405 996

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Quick links for how to set up an auto-reply / out of office on your email:

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